Taranto is an Italian town of 191.000 inhabitants, capital of the province in Apulia.

It faces the Ionian Sea and is situated 15 meters above sea level, in a flat area stretching along the North / North West South-East and surrounded by North West to the East from the plateau of the Murgia. Its territory covers an area of ​​209.64 km ² and is mostly wet from the sea, being characterized by the presence of three peninsulas natural and artificial island, formed after the original run to cut the peninsula during the construction of the moat of the Castle Aragonese. The city is also known as "the city of two seas", being washed by the Great Sea along the outer coast in the enclosed bay bounded on the North West from Punta Rondinella and south from Cape San Dante, and the Mar Piccolo, which is a vast reservoir.

It is the second largest municipality by population in the region. The wider area consists of 28 municipalities in Taranto, Taranto of which is the leader. Located in the gulf of the Ionian Sea, lies between two seas: the Mar Grande and Mar Piccolo.

It is home to a large industrial and commercial port and an arsenal of the Italian Navy, and the most naval station. There is also an important industrial center, with ironworks (including the largest steel center of Europe), petrochemical, shipbuilding and cementiferi. It is also active in the liquor industry.

The main activities of the province are agriculture, fisheries, industry in the aeronautical, chemical, food, textiles, crafts, woodworking, glass and ceramics.